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Lighting Options

Outdoor Lighting Options, Bluffton, SC Beautiful aesthetic appeal is produced by the interplay of shadows and light on walls. Illuminating is an art form that requires creative consideration; it is not simply a matter of technical competence. Science and art go hand in hand in developing innovative and captivating designs for outdoor lighting.

Our experts in outdoor lighting design know what makes a space look inviting and inviting at night. Your desired effect can be achieved using a combination of methods. It is practical and aesthetically pleasing to illuminate paths, walks, and the boundaries of gardens. We may use different techniques depending on the features and areas that need lighting.

Experienced Local Lighting Installers

Nightscapes Lighting and Landscape Services, as you can see, provides a wide variety of lighting solutions, and employs an artistic eye, years of expertise, and expert planning to create the most aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting arrangements. We're a local business that's been illuminating homes and businesses in our area for the past 27 years. We can design and install beautiful outdoor lighting for your home or company, provide ongoing maintenance and repairs, fix the placement, or rearrange the outdoor lighting fixtures to get great effects.

Custom Lighting Options

We know that you want your property to look unique and attractive but will also like energy-efficient outdoor lights. We keep all these aspects in view while creating the most stunning illumination effects in your landscape or yard. We can create mood lighting with recessed lights and highlight large trees with up lighting. No matter your outdoor lighting requirements, we are here to help.

* Part of the expertise of a professional lighting system is to properly install all light fixtures with proper adjustment to ensure you enjoy the effect of the light without drawing your eyes to the light source. This includes proper shielding of the fixtures *

  • Up lights – Lights shining upwards from below to highlight focal points in the landscape such as specimen trees, signs, and architectural features of your home. These are typically spotlights, flood lights and well lights (fixtures below ground)

  • Downlights – Lights placed above an object or area (such as a patio or pool deck) to imitate natural light such as moonlight. This effect can create some very interesting and beautiful shadowing silhouettes cast on the ground and provide the most beneficial light for entertainment and security.

  • Path Lights – light fixtures placed above grade level along sidewalks, steps, driveways or informal pathways in the landscape allowing for safe travel for someone walking through the property. This type of light fixture is generally low to the ground and casts a spreading light.

  • Backlights – lights placed behind artistic objects or plant material to cast a silhouette on a wall or create a unique and elegant glow.

  • Specialty lights – Lights that add an accent to a space in the evening. These lights are “mood setters” and create a warming and inviting atmosphere. Examples of these lights include string lights in a gazebo or pergola, lights that create a flickering flame, underwater lighting to illuminate a waterfall or feature.

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