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Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas & Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas & Fixtures, Bluffton, SC The outdoor areas on your residential property are one of the very first things visitors to your home see. In fact, these areas also add to the attractiveness of your home and give you the space to create leisure zones so that you can relax and be entertained. Most garden and yard spaces are used in the evening hours and this makes it necessary to have the right kind of lighting here.

The outdoor lighting on your property is a very important aspect of landscape design and planning; and you need to hire experts like the ones at Nightscapes Lighting and Landscape Services for the job. The company caters to customers in and around Bluffton, Okatie, Savannah, Hardeeville, Hilton Head Island, Ridgeland, and the surrounding areas..

Many homeowners feel that outdoor lighting isn’t a very big deal and that they can get their local electrician to fix a few lights and install some floodlights in different parts of the garden and yard spaces. But the truth of the matter is that outdoor lighting is a lot more than that. It needs to be planned well to serve its purpose and this is why you need to hire the services of expert outdoor lighting contractors.

Different Types of Landscape Lighting

These professionals work very closely with their clients and focus on providing high-quality fixtures as well as excellent workmanship; this helps ensure that the outdoor lights on your property will be resilient and last for a number of years. Landscape lighting design covers all aspects of lighting and the designers will incorporate a number of different types of lighting in their plans such as:

  • Pathway lighting
  • Specialty lighting
  • Step light fixtures
  • Paver light installations
  • Ambient lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Concealed lights
  • Underwater light fittings
  • Wall lights
  • Boundary lighting
  • Decorative light fittings
  • Low-voltage LED lighting
  • Directional lighting

Aspects Taken Into Account While Creating Landscape Lighting Plans

There are a number of aspects that have to be kept in view when designing outdoor lighting, such as:

  • The spaces that need to be covered- smaller landscapes will need more focused installations, while expansive landscapes will require additional attention and specialized lights will have to be installed.
  • The exterior lighting features have to be designed so that they add to the security, functionality and attractiveness of these areas.
  • Presence of various trees, bushes and shrubs.
  • Placement of garden steps, driveways, walkways and pathways.
  • There is a variety of lighting options you can choose from and the ones that are installed will be based on the spaces and features that have to be illuminated as well as the level of lighting needed.
  • Additional fixtures such as optional times, dimmers, switches and relays, photocells, transformers and motion sensors etc. will be installed to enhance the energy efficiency of the installations.
  • Your personal preferences and ideas will be taken into account.
  • The architectural concept and styling of your home will be kept in view while designing outdoor lighting; this helps create the right impact and effect.

When you want outdoor lighting design solutions that will enhance the safety, aesthetics and functionality of your landscaping, you should hire a company like Nightscapes Lighting and Landscape Services. Their expertise and specialization in the field ensure you get good quality solutions at very reasonable exterior lighting design cost.


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