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Top Outdoor Lighting Repair Tips

Top Outdoor Lighting Repair Tips, Bluffton, SC The outdoor lighting installations on your property are a very important aspect of your landscape design. These features provide illumination to the outdoor areas which help make them more safe and functional. Well-lit outdoor spaces also add to the curb appeal and value of your home. As you can see, the outdoor lighting on your property is a vital component of landscape design and planning and you need to hire experts like the ones at Nightscapes Lighting and Landscape Services for the job.

The company caters to customers in and around Bluffton, Okatie, Savannah, Hardeeville, Hilton Head Island, Ridgeland, and the surrounding areas.

The company caters to customers in and around Bluffton, Levy, and Limehouse; they also provide exterior lighting services to customers across Okatie, Brighton Beach, Hardeeville, and Switzerland, and handle projects for clients in Hilton Head Island, Daufuskie Island, Ridgeland, and the surrounding areas.

While good quality landscape lighting will provide years of service, the features are exposed to the elements and they suffer a certain amount of wear and tear over time. This is why it is crucial to get the fixtures maintained with regularity; this allows the technicians to spot the problems early and they can be fixed before they turn into more serious problems.

Outdoor Lighting Fixture Repair

Regardless of whether the company installed the lighting fixtures or not, most outdoor lighting contractors provide maintenance and repair solutions as well. This helps ensure your outdoor lighting system is operating at its peak performance.

There are times when your outdoor lights may not have been installed well or poor-quality fixtures and components may have been used in the project by the company that handled the installation job at the outset. This can result in a variety of problems in the systems, including:

  • Light fittings don’t function at all
  • Moisture has gotten into the light fittings
  • Lights have become damaged by landscape elements
  • Outdoor lights readjustment/repositioning is required
  • Problems with light sensors
  • Dysfunctional photocells
  • You experience shock when you touch a lighting fixture
  • Excessive or less voltage can also cause your light bulbs to blow out
  • Burnout of electrical sockets
  • Old wiring cracking or melting

Skilled and experienced outdoor lighting experts will inspect the installations and fix the problem using good-quality components.

Outdoor Lighting Fixture Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, the one way to avoid any major problems in the outdoor lighting installation is to opt for regular maintenance. As part of these plans, the experts will:

  • Replace non-working bulbs
  • Replace traditional bulbs with LED bulbs to increase energy-efficiency
  • Refocusing the light projections
  • Remove debris from lighting fixtures
  • Repair cut wires
  • Replace damaged wires
  • Replace broken or damaged light stakes
  • Tighten loose components
  • Check underwater light fixtures in water features
  • Repair broken lights
  • Check voltage transformers
  • Reset timers
  • Rebury exposed wiring

The technicians will test all the installations for proper voltage and this will include inspections of transformers, wiring, light fixtures and bulbs; these checks help ensure that all the components are working as they should and you get the most out of your outdoor light fixtures.

When you want outdoor lighting that will enhance the safety, aesthetics and functionality of your landscaping, you should hire a company like Nightscapes Lighting and Landscape Services for repairs and lighting maintenance. Their expertise and specialization in the field ensure you get good quality solutions at very reasonable exterior light repair cost.


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